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To know about matahara is to know about work and life.

Maternity harassment, or matahara, is the harassment of working women, triggered by pregnancy, childbirth or child-rearing.
I established Matahara Net as someone who had been on the receiving end of this type of harassment and my aim is to help women who find themselves in a similar position.
Matahara is not just an issue for women, pregnant or not. At the very foundation of matahara is the belief that it’s better for men to work outside the home, while the women should stay at home to look after things there and bring up the children.
Another important belief within this issue is that you are not a full-fledged working adult unless you can work long hours of overtime.
This is why matahara can lead to other forms of harassment, such as harassment toward men caring for their children or people taking time off to fulfill the role of a carer.
At the crux of this issue are not recognizing various ways of working and different values.

In other words, solving this issue may inherently improve how we all work.
Thinking about matahara is the same as thinking about how people work.
The mission of Matahara Net is to eliminate matahara and contribute to the creation of a society with a wide range of work options available for people to choose from.

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